new integrated hybrid solar energy storage inverter-SUN-3.6K-SG03LP1-EU

New hybrid solar energy storage all-in-one inverter, features solar energy storage & utility charging energy storage, AC sine wave output, using DSP control, through advanced control algorithms, with high response speed, high reliability and high industrialization standard. The mixed-grid lithium battery can supply power to various high-power appliances at the same time by establishing connection with the inverter, solar panel and power grid, which is designed for families with difficulties in electricity consumption and those who advocate energy saving and environmental protection, effectively solving your family's electricity demand problem.

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With clients in more than 30 different nations and areas of the world, Skycorp Solar is an internationally renowned business. In the solar industry, the founder has more than 15 years of experience. We have a wealth of experience in the solar storage and PV industries as well as international relationships. We have created inverters, modules, and storage systems that are already operational in over 15 nations. SRNE, Sungrow, Growatt, and Sunray are long-term partners of Skycorp.1.We will respond to your inquiries within 24 hours. 2. China is a reputable manufacturer of solar inverters, hybrid inverters, MPPT solar charge controllers, and DC to AC inverters. 3. OEM is offered and can satisfy all of your reasonable requirements. 4.Excellent value in terms of both price and quality. 5. Following worship: any issues with our product. In order for us to determine the exact problem, please send us photographs or videos. If the issue can be resolved with replacement parts, we will ship them without charge. If not, we will provide you discounts on your subsequent orders as a form of payment. 6. Shipping quickly: Large orders can take up to 20 days to create, while small orders can usually be finished in 5 days. It will take 5 to 10 days to prepare a customised sample.

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